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Talk Like A Ted


In Talk like TED, you’ll learn the presentation strategies used by some of the world’s most influential speakers. Author Carmine Gallo analyzed more than 500 TED presentations to draw out the commonalities that make these talks impact and attractive.

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The fact that the words ‘TED’ and ‘Talk’ combine to make a household phrase is testament to the rise of the institute’s influence in the YouTube generation. As such, ‘TED Talk’ is now synonymous with engaging, informative and even transformational public speaking. And so Carmine Gallo’s ‘Talk Like TED’ is a book devoted to teaching the art of successful public speaking based solely on what can be learned from the cream of TED Talks and their various presenters.

What follows is a triple distillation of the lessons learned from the Audiobook version, read by Gallo himself, which should help you on your way to public speaking excellence and potentially save you over seven hours of listening.


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Talk Like A Ted

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