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About Us

Welcome to the Book Addicts Library!

We’re not your typical bookstore. We’re where bookworms find their ultimate fix! Our story started in 2018 in the heart of Lebanon, inspired by our founder, Mohamad Farhat. With just 10 books and a dream, we set out to create something special. Today, we’ve grown into one of the largest online bookstores, offering 700+ books in multiple languages. We’re proud to have shared over 80,000 books with fellow book lovers like you. But our story continues. We now ship worldwide, bringing the joy of reading to every corner of the globe. What sets the Book Addicts Library apart? It’s not just about the books; it’s the passion, dedication, and love for storytelling that drive us. We’re more than a store; we’re a community of book lovers, united by the magic of words on paper. Whether you seek adventure, romance, or knowledge, you’ve found your home here. Join our community and satisfy your reading cravings today!

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thebookaddictslb is like a second home for book enthusiasts.
I’ve been a loyal customer of these guys for years. They consistently provide great books and excellent service. Highly recommended!

Isabella L.

thebookaddictslb feels like home for book enthusiasts.
They’re all about the love of books.

Ahmed R.

thebookaddictslb is a book lover’s dream!
They have an awesome variety of books, and they ship fast. My bookshelf is always happy.

Fatima M.

I’ve followed these guys since their early Instagram days.
Great books, great service.They really care about their customers.

Samir H.

Finding books has never been easier thanks to thebookaddictslb.
They’ve made it simple to stay connected with great reads.

Maria L.

Our Mission

At the Book Addicts Library, our mission is simple: to share the joy of reading with everyone. From seasoned bookworms to new readers, we're here to make the magic of books accessible to all. With a deep love for stories, we're your companions on this literary journey, opening doors to new worlds through the pages of books.

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