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How to stop worrying and start living


How To Stop Worrying And Start Living is a self-help classic which addresses one of the leading causes of physical illness, worry, by showing you simple and actionable techniques to eliminate it from your life.

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Dale Carnegie

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The book ‘How to stop worrying & start living’ suggest many ways to conquer worry and lead a wonderful life. The book mentions fundamental facts to know about worry and magic formula for solving worry-some situations. Psychologists & Doctors’ view: -Worry can make even the most stolid person ill. -Worry may cause nervous breakdown. -Worry can even cause tooth decay -Worry is one of the factors for High Blood Pressure. -Worry makes you tense and nervous and affect the nerves of your stomach. The book suggests basic techniques in analyzing worry, step by step, in order to cope up with them. A very interesting feature of the book is ‘How to eliminate 50% of your business worries’. The book offers 7 ways to cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness. Also, the golden rule for conquering worry, keeping your energy & spirits high. The book consists of some True Stories which will help the readers in conquering worry to lead you to success in life. The book is full of similar incidences and narrations which will make our readers to understand the situation in an easy way and lead a happy life. A must read book for everyone.


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How to stop worrying and start living

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