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Ego Is The Enemy


Ego Is The Enemy reveals how a tendency that’s hardwired into our brains – the belief the world revolves around us and us alone – holds us back from living the life it makes us desire so much, what we can do to overcome it at every turn and how to achieve true greatness.

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Ryan Holiday

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The book Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday is filled with cautionary tales of those who let their egos run amok and were eventually undone by the resulting damage, as well as stories of those who practiced restraint and sobriety, and found success in their endeavors. This book can be an antidote (or at least the beginning of one) to the unraveling that is possible when one indulges ego and loses sight of reality—if you let it: “Not in the Freudian sense,” Holiday says of ego, but ego in the colloquial sense, as in “an unhealthy belief in your own importance. Arrogance. Self-centered ambition.”

Ego Is the Enemy, published in 2016, is Ryan Holiday’s fourth book. It was a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, international bestseller, and even has a following among the Seattle Seahawks, Olympic gold medalists, bestselling authors, CEOs, politicians, and many others.

This is the second book in which he draws from the principles of Stoicism; while his previous book, The Obstacle Is the Way, focused on overcoming life’s external obstacles. Holiday’s background is as a media strategist. Ryan dropped out of college at the age of nineteen to apprentice under Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power. Within six years, he became the youngest executive at a Beverly Hills talent management agency, advised authors who sold millions of copies of their books, became the director of marketing at American Apparel, built a successful company, Brass Check, and has written for publications ranging from Forbes to Thought Catalog to The Guardian.


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Ego Is The Enemy

In stock

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